Step Drill with Spiral Flute 1

Step Drill with Spiral Flute 1

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lProduce good quality holes in a wide variety of material

lEnlarging holes in sheet metals without the need of center punch or pilot.

Using either a bench drill or light pedestal drilling machines

lMaterial: HSS M2 or M35

lSurface finish: bright finish, TIN coated, TIALN coated.

lFlute shape: straight flute, single flute

lShank style: round shank, three flatted shank, hex shank.


ITEM NO. Step Range STEPS Shank Diameter
AC-JTZ-B01 1/8"-1/2" 13 1/4"
AC-JTZ-B02 3/16"-1/2" 6 1/4"
AC-JTZ-B03 1/4"-3/4" 9 3/8"
AC-JTZ-B04 9/16"-1" 8 3/8"
AC-JTZ-B05 13/16"-1-3/8" 10 1/2"
AC-JTZ-B06 3/16"-7/8" 12 3/8"